Pain in the Ass
Welcome to the team
"Pain in the Ass"
My name is Ron Johnson
 I have had terminal Prostate Cancer since 2008!! 
And I am 
"the"  Pain in the Ass
As always this site is under construction but if you have a prostate issue you have come to the right place!!

2018 Father's Day Walk / Run is now open for registration!!

The Coquitlam Prostate
Support Group
meets on the
1st Tuesday of the month
  Coquitlam Prostate Support Group

Our next regular meeting will be:

                       Tuesday March 6th, 2018!                     
        Please Join us!!

For February we had guest speaker Sarah Weller
 Sarah is a clinical Exercise Physiologist and Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist who works with cancer patients before, during and after treatments and surgeries to help reduce the side-effects of both cancer and its treatments.  With over 12-years experience working with Oncology patients, Sarah's approach to exercise prescription is patient-centred, evidence-based and tailored to each individual. She works with each person to develop the best exercise treatment plan for their specific cancer type, based on goals, medical history, research, desired outcomes and the treatment side effects that are present.           

Please Note our new meeting place address below

*Please note we have permanently moved location to

 Wilson Centre in PoCo !
Please join us and share your concerns and experiences in a strictly confidential atmosphere. Please feel free to bring your friends, partners or caregivers that may share your concerns with prostate problems.
Remember our extensive lending library of books and dvd's are available for free!
For additional information please feel free to call 
Craig @ 604-928-9220 or Ken @ 604-936-2998 or

The Raymond James Father’s Day Walk/Run was held at Burnaby Lake on Sunday, June 18, and was a great success.  $400,000 was raised for prostate cancer research and support.  This amount included a generous $100,000 donation from  the Raymond James investment group.  Our support group had two teams in the in walks and 10 km run.  Ron Johnson’s “Pain In the Ass” team raised close to $8,000 and Eric Huffey’s “Poppa Express” team raised close to $2,000. 
Thanks for all the support for
Team Pain in the Ass

2017 Raymond James
Fathers Day Walk/ Run For Prostate Cancer

his was our 10th year for Team Pain in the Ass!!
We had over 30 members join our team for a fabulous day of fun and 
entertainment -including "Nearly Neil". Team PITA raised over $8000.00
 this year!!  And we received the Top Survivor Team Award

Thanks Scarlett !!
My very special friend Scarlett supported me with the Terry Fox run at school and had her long pony tail cut off to donate to cancer patients.
She said she did it for Terry Fox and Ron. Did I mention she is only 4!!

The 2016 Father's Day Walk / Run
for Prostate Canc
was Sunday June 19th 2016

Team Pain in the Ass raised  $8650!!

We had an excellent day and once again
Team Pain in the Ass
received the

Top Survivor Team Award.
Thanks to our 
Great team members 
and All our supporters 
 I appreciate all the support for all these years!!! 
  I sang O Canada again for my 4th  time for the crowd before the race started and I did the short version..... Maybe next year i will remember all the words!

If you didn't make it - you missed one great night! 
Saturday May the 7th 2016

The 4oh4 Band 
put on a 
Fundraiser for

Pain in the As

at the Rocky Point Taphouse
"4oh4" and "Dekades / 

Two great bands and One great evening 
for a real great cause. 
All donations went to the 
Raymond James 
Father's Day Walk/Run
for Prostate Cancer 

in support of the
 Prostate Cancer Foundation BC

The place was packed, the music was superb and thank you for raising some great funds for Prostate Cancer Research!!


It was a Blast!!!
We raised over $2000.00!!
Thanks to all!! 
The 4th Annual
"Pain in the Ass"
Fundraising Dance featuring the
"4oh4" Band
  April 25th 2015 
Ron Johnson was honoured
 to have a grant named after him for 2014. 
 The Ron Johnson 2014 Pioneer Award 
was presented to 
Jacob Gordon 
at the Prostate Cancer Foundation BC 
Grant Awards on Dec 11th at VGH!!
The Pioneer Grant was presented to Jacob Gordon 
a PhD Student in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences for his research paper on targeting SR-B1 - mediated cholesterol influx and intercellular cholesterol synthesis to suppress de novo steroid genesis and castration- resistant prostate cancer progression. 
Oh Yeah!!!

Thanks to all my Supporters and Team "Pain in the Ass"!!
It wouldn't be possible without YOU!!

A story was printed in the Tri Cities News on Dec 12 2014: 


Did you know that you can Donate your Cans and Bottles to team P.I.T.A.? 
 Just drop them off at the 
Biggar Bottle Depot 
 on Kingsway in Port Coquitlam and say they are for 
"Pain in the Ass" 

 New for 2016
Blue Mountain Market and Bottle Depot!!
508 Blue Mountain Street, 
Unit 506, 
Coquitlam, BC V3K 3N9
  • It is located on block north of Austin Ave in Coquitlam, on Blue Mountain Rd. @ Ridgeway Ave.
  • Our Team "Pain in the A$$" is already set up in their computer ,with Ron Johnson , and Jean Honig as references, so you will know for sure.. and they sort the bottles and cans for you !  Yay!.. You just have to make sure, you Tell them, you are donating to our Charity Run , Before, they sort it for you !!!  

    and Of course we are already set up at Biggar Bottle Depot , on Kingsway Ave in Port Coquitlam, as per the previous years, and we want to thank everyone , that has donated in the past!!

    Thanks for your support!!  
    Thank you!

    Movember was another great one for Canada!
    The Movember Foundation is the leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health.
      This work is saving and improving the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues. 


    Thank You for your Support!!
    June 15th 2014
      16th Annual "Do it for Dad" Run/Walk
     Thanks to all that joined team
    "Pain in the Ass"
    for a fun filled dry morning with lots to do, lots to eat and plenty of entertainment.
    And time to get home before the torrential rains!

    Sorry Ike and Desmond for missing the picture.
     (And here is one with Jean as we missed her too!!)
    Top Fundraising Team
    award for 2014!
    Team PITA raised $8713.66!! for
    Prostate Cancer Foundation BC
    Thanks for all the support we received & the best team of
    Friends and Family  a guy could ever ask for!!!
    May 31, 2014
    3rd Annual
     "Pain in the Ass"
    Fundraiser Dance
     Featuring the
    "4oh4" Band
    We raised over $1500.00 this year
    thanks for all the support and a big thank you to the
     4oh4 band for donating their night for us!!!
    All Profits to "Prostate Cancer Foundation BC"
    Did you know that you can
    Donate your cans and bottles to team

    "Pain in the Ass"? 

     just drop them off at the 
    Biggar Bottle Depot

    on Kingsway in Port Coquitlam
    and say they are for ``Pain in the Ass``
    (anytime of year!) 

    ow back to our regular programming!

    In early 2008 I was diagnosed with terminal Prostate Cancer. For most people it would be the start of the end but for me it was the beginning of a new life. Different but really not so bad - in most ways it has been a positive experience and a great way to learn to live a little more, love a little more and enjoy a lot more. 

    After learning of my diagnosis and being told there was nothing but palliative treatment available I was faced with a few challenges and a few surprises but just so you know I haven't sat on the couch waiting to die (well I have spent more than a few days on the couch but for positive reasons!)

    In June 2008 I was asked to join with a few work friends in the
     Safeway Father's Day Walk / Run for Prostate Cancer.

    In June of 2017 our team raised over $8600.00 for 

    To date we have raised over $83,000.00

    For 2017 I ran my 10th 10k
    - talk about a positive spin.


     Special shout out to all the guests at the
     2013 Gala fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Foundation BC

       The first
    "Cruise with a Cause"
    started off in Vancouver on August 31st with the stars of 

     Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Kerry James, Cindy Busby and Alisha Newton.
     Arctic Airs: Adam Beach
     Actor: Antonio Cupo
     Singer Kate Morgan
     Record Producer Don McLeod and the list goes on!!

      Thanks for all the support!!

     And hope you had a great time on the Motorcycle run around BC leaving the next morning!
    2013 Father's Day walk / Run For Prostate Cancer
    Team "Pain in the Ass" Rocked it!!!

    Not only was Team "Pain in the Ass" the
     top survivor team 
    but the top collectors for the lower mainland!!

    And to start of the race I surprised my Team, myself and the crowd of 900 by singing O Canada acapella! 
     I ran the 10.8K in the first chipped run and came in @ a slightly long 1 hour and 20 minutes. Longest time yet but at least it was official this year.
    Thanks to the great team we had we raised over $9000.00 for Prostate Cancer research this year

    The 4oh4 Band was back!!
    Thank you to our friends in the "4oh4" band for a great 2013 fundraiser to help us again this year. I don't know what I would do without my Friend John Saunders and his buddies!! A great time was had by all!!
    you can check them out @  

            Please check out the following pages for more info and links
     on Prostate Cancer.    Click on links at top of page

    Got Questions?
    Contact Ron: 

    Our Team supports:
     Prostate Cancer Foundation BC and Prostate Cancer Canada


    You can contact Ron @

    2015 Team PITA