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The Tri-Cities Prostate Cancer Support Group's
meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month.

 please call Craig @  604-928-9220  or Ken @ 604 936-2998 for more information.

Our next regular meetings 
we are doing an online ZOOM

if you need help or have questions please feel free to call a commitee member !!

Our new location:
NO IN PERSON MEETINGS until further notice!!

moved to an online ZOOM meeting
Come and share your concerns and experiences in a strictly confidential atmosphere. Feel free to invite friends and any acquaintances concerned with prostate problems. Partners and caregivers are also encouraged to join us.   
Remember, our extensive video and lending library is available to everyone - for free
For additional information call Craig @ 604-928-9220 or Ken @ 604 936-2998 

    Some of our previous speakers:

Nicole Yeats, a physiotherapist working at Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab in Burnaby, who gave a very interesting talk about incontinence to one of our largest turnouts!

 Sarah Weller is a clinical Exercise Physiologist and Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist who works with cancer patients before, during and after treatments and surgeries to help reduce the side-effects of both cancer and its treatment.

 Dr. Hannah Nette   Interim Director of Clinical Services at Inspire Health.

presented a 60 min talk on supportive cancer care (including self-care pieces like nutrition, exercise, mind-body practices) and Inspire Health

 Marcy Dayan from the Vancouver Prostate Centre! Very informative talk about continence, exercise for control and the Prostate Centre programs available.

   Dr Harrington -a well known and liked urologist from Maple Ridge who always provides some good updates and interesting information for newly diagnosed or post treatment survivors

Dr. Francesco Crea from the Vancouver Prostate Centre. He gave an excellent talk on new Prostate cancer research using RNA. A very promising area of research and positive findings in the future of Prostate Cancer care

"Nurse Nelly" Kaye who gave a great talk about incontinence and other issues for men after Prostate surgery. Very interesting and informative speaker! Thanks for joining us.

Dr. Marc Lebrecque  from Simon Fraser University.
He gave a very interesting talk on research being done to find a cure!

Ms. Shannon Griffin
who is a well known clinician at the Vancouver Prostate Centre. She talked about the MENSHEALTH Initiative. For further information please check out their website @ 
Shannon has been with us before and was extremely interesting in her subject of Erectile Dysfunction and other problems that may arise as a result of prostate treatment.

Dr. Vu Truong  who discussed laparoscopic surgery and other current prostate cancer treatments. Dr. Truong is one of the few surgeons in our area who is expert in this procedure and presented us with excellent information and a very enjoyable evening.

Dr. Yong from the Surrey Memorial Hospital.  Dr. Yong is a regular attendee of the Surrey support Group and has given us talks before. He has always been very well received and provides the latest information about how to cope with prostate cancer and the results of treatments. 
Gerry Kasten speaker for an informative and interesting evening discussing proper foods and diets for combating cancer and related problems.

Dr. Sheila Webster who is a Pulmonologist in New Westminster .

Mr. Chuck Russell who is a professional photographer and world traveler. Mr. Russel had just returned from abroad and will discussed how some other countries handle cancer. It was interesting and informative from a different point of view.


Did you know:

There are many helpful sites for  you:

For a guide to dealing with all your questions and what to expect during your diagnoses to treatment check out
 "If I were Tom" @

-You can start a Father's Day team in 5 different locations in BC?
Please feel free to join Team "Pain in the Ass" 
for our 12th year in this event!
Sign up page is:

Also most major cities in Canada have a run too!:
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- That one in eight men in Canada will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer?

- That more men will die with Prostste cancer than of it.
- That advanced prostate cancer usually spreads to your bones?

- That there is very little funding compared to other cancers? 

- That you can get it before you are 50 and that it can be terminal - Ask me! 

Did you know that there are local support groups?  
Balance of Canada:

Did you know there are many treatments for Prostate Cancer and some involve doing nothing?

Prostate Cancer Foundation BC:
Phone: 604-574-4012

Prostate Cancer Canada website:   

Check out Movember for the yearly month of Moustaches
 in support of Prostate Cancer Research: 

check out for run information 
also a good video and photo gallery of last years teams
 - including the famous Pain in the Ass team members!! 

   and Make sure you check out the:

Prostate Supportive Care Program PSCP 
    The PCSC Program is a comprehensive survivorship program developed at the Vancouver Prostate Centre for men with prostate cancer, their partners, and their family from the time of initial diagnosis onward. Men can self-refer to this program or be referred by their doctor.