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It was early 2008 and I had just been diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer.  I worked for Reliable Parts in Coquitlam BC. Mark a fellow workmate who had heard of my diagnosis decided the Safeway Father's day run was a good idea, both for something he could do with his daughter and maybe to help with some fundraising . He asked our HR to see about getting a team together and I was asked if I would join and since it was in my honor I was asked to name the team. I jokingly said 'Pain in the Ass' and that is how it started.

We had 7 members on our team including my wife and I and we raised around $700.00. From that small beginning we grew to 24 by adding friends, relatives and more Reliable Parts employees.
In 2009 our team grew and we raised over $7000.00.
In 2010 we raised over $9,000.00  and we were given the Top Survivor Team Award.
In 2011 we raised over $10,500. and were the Top Survivor team again!!
In 2012 we raised $11,288.06 and made Top Survivor team for our 3rd year!
In 2013 we raised over $9000.00 and were The Top Survivor team for the 4th year
In 2014 we raised $8713.66 and again were the top Survivor team for the 5th year
In 2015 we raised over $11,000. and were the top Survivor Team for the 6th
In 2016 and 2017 we raised over $8000.00 each year and kept up the Top Survivor Team for the 7th and 8th times!!
2017 marked the 10th walk /run for the "Pain in the Ass" team
A wonderful group of people with a great goal and a lot of heart.
For 2018 we raised over $6000. and gets us a new total!
To date we have raised over $95,000.00!!
Thank you All for your support

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Pain in the Ass

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 About Me
Ike Williams

November 18, 1955 - February 01, 2019

Sadly last February we lost a Prostate group committee member ,
Team member and Friend. 

Ike was a great guy and we send our condolences to his family.